“Hopeful” – Disney’s Tomorrowland

My collection of Disney pins may be small, but owning a Tomorrowland pin with the big “T” is my coolest. I’ve always loved science fiction and feel an instant connection to the 2015 movie “Tomorrowland” with the characters portrayed by George Clooney, Britt Robertson and other wonderful actors when I touch my “T” pin. The … [Read more…]


“Essence” – a glimpse conveys a feeling, a meaning, a significance What is a glimpse, but a quick look, a suggestion of the essence. A grouping of birds, a flock, a colony, each with the qualities of the family of seagulls, each with substance, entity, attributes indispensable to the whole because of the “whatness” of … [Read more…]

“Holding Course”

“It’s Real Life All The Time” – an interview with Jeremiah Enna, Founder of The Culture House Conservatory of the Arts, Olathe, KS, reflecting on the painting entitled “Holding Course” Rosemary: This painting entitled “Holding Course” inspired me to interview you because for twenty-one years you have been “holding course” beautifully here at The Culture … [Read more…]


“Grace of a new day” – the artist interviews Melody McSparran, a long-time student and teacher of the Bible. Rosemary: This painting is called “Grace”, and I was so moved in our Genesis bible study when you were talking about the topic of grace. Melody: I think what I said was the act of creation … [Read more…]

“Consider a Masterpiece”

“CONSIDER A MASTERPIECE” – the artist interviews the subject of the painting, her son Patrick Begley, a Project Designer with Manica Architecture in KC, MO. Rosemary: Give me your thoughts, critique, impressions, reflections of the painting. Patrick: This is a special painting to me. It’s me in my youth, because I was 12 maybe at … [Read more…]


The ocean’s rhythm and might remain elusive and incalculable, but always awe-inspiring. Quiet swells can crest into thunderous waves that pummel the shore, then soften quickly and gently over the sand, smoothing out in many unknown directions and whispering sounds through foam and bubbles. The unpredictability of the waves beckon a boy at water’s edge … [Read more…]