“Healing through ‘Engaging’ our own Story”

  Part 1 of an Interview with Warren Traynor, Pastor of Family and Care Ministries, Christ Community Church, Leawood Campus, Leawood KS, reflecting on the painting entitled “Engaging” “Healing through ‘Engaging’ our own Story” Rosemary: To place this painting entitled “Engaging” in context as to why you and I are doing this interview, I’d like … [Read more…]

Reflections by a Gathering of Friends

An interview with a ‘gathering’ of four friends from a book study class, briefly sharing their individual reflections on an original oil painting entitled “Gathering” Peggy:  It seems like the title is very apt, and I see it in two senses: the gathering of the birds, the five birds, and the implication that there are … [Read more…]

Digging deeper on “Gathering”

Five sandpipers appear as a family, together facing the vast ocean and layers of approaching waves. From crests to softening bubbles, the water glides towards them with shifting and undeterminable edges. The sandpipers scurry in different directions, avoiding the encroaching waves. They each ping-pong and skitter away, reacting to the changes, independent of each other, … [Read more…]

An invitation to feel free and explore

Part-Two of an interview with Jay Williams, New York City Public School Teacher, reflecting on original painting entitled “The Sands of Amelia Island” Rosemary: Your insights are so interesting and eye-opening . What I paint is not always so ‘intentional’ in my mind. Yet I can resonate with your response. Jay: It’s not important whether … [Read more…]