Motion Can Move Us Forward Or Leave Us Stuck – a Two-part Interview with Pastor Steven Blair

Two-part interview with Reverend Steven Blair, Pastor of Congregational Care and Live Forward Ministry, Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, KS, reflecting on original painting entitled “Motion” Pastor Blair: ”There are obvious dimensions and versions of motion, and repeated motion, but it’s not necessarily motion that is ‘forward’. For a person who is stationery, perhaps just … [Read more…]

Reflections on “Motion”

“Motion” – a trinity of gentle motion and close unity moving together. Three geese, majestic in size, float together peacefully, almost as one, the focus and center of ripples surrounding their way. Drifting in slow motion, a gist of a turn, a pivot, inclination or subtle gesture, quiet as the sound of each ripple. One … [Read more…]

The Journey On Shore: Unsure, But Going Forward! – Interview Part Two

           “Quiet Moment” and “Ashore” in double-matted Deluxe Prints 14″x18″ $47.00/each. Also available as Giclee Wraps and Framed Giclees. Free shipping on all items. View the Gallery at Part-Two of an Interview with Patricia Pickering reflecting on two paintings Patricia: “As I’ve gotten out of the empty boat and walked … [Read more…]

What Boat Are You In ??? – a Two-part Interview with Patricia Pickering

Two-part interview reflecting on two paintings: “Quiet Moment” and “Ashore” with Patricia Pickering Patricia: “Did you specifically paint the boat scenes in a certain order? They’re so interesting to me, so life-like. I sense a strong connection and yet they are very different boats”. Rosemary: “I painted ‘Quiet Moment’ first, but ‘Ashore’ came later; they … [Read more…]

Illusion vs. Reality: “Ashore”

“Ashore” pictured above in Double Matted Deluxe Print $47. Also available in Limited Edition Petite Gallery Wrap $150 and Standard Gallery Wrap $295, and Framed Giclees $375. Free Shipping on all items. View the Gallery at A long day of a boat adventure slows down to the tranquility of evening’s approach. The waves calm to a … [Read more…]

Reflections on “Ashore”

“Ashore” – towards dusk when the water calms to glass, time to return home from an exploration ashore, looking for seashells and rocks, or having a picnic in a quiet secluded place…a boat tied to shore, waiting its return to harbor just in time for nightfall. The boat waits until we are ready to board. … [Read more…]

Story work and the Art of Recovery: a two-part interview with an Art Therapist

Art Therapist Stefanie Hinman, explains the significant role of art therapy and story in the lives of children, adults and adult children who have suffered trauma. Stefanie: “Emotions are the language of the heart and artistic expression is a way to give our heart a voice. Connecting with our heart, connecting with our emotions, making … [Read more…]