Reflections on “Ashore”

Ashore Watermarked JPEG

“Ashore” – towards dusk when the water calms to glass, time to return home from an exploration ashore, looking for seashells and rocks, or having a picnic in a quiet secluded place…a boat tied to shore, waiting its return to harbor just in time for nightfall. The boat waits until we are ready to board.

The boat is tethered to the shore by a rope and remains dependably there, consistently floating in place. There is a peaceful persistence, a constant reliability knowing that the rope, the connection, is steady, and the rope of three strands affords us security and safety. There is great freedom in connection, in relationship, and in sharing. Relationships should be encouraged, not denied, including our most fundamental relationship to someone greater than ourselves. Out of a strong foundational relationship, like having the unconditional love of a parent, a sense of freedom grows. New places and things can be explored, perseverance can germinate, and trust is nurtured. With trust, a larger world emerges, other shores, grander horizons, and new perspectives on significance, purpose, creation.

(Please look for next week’s continued blog on “Ashore”)

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