Going Deeper on “Engaging”




We are not two-dimensional beings. Though my art may show best on flat canvas, I hope it inspires feelings and thoughts.

A painting of a little child playing innocently on the beach may bring forth a sense of hope and freedom and tranquility, or perhaps the deepest need for such as we reflect on the chaos that may have surrounded our childhood. Growing up in a dysfunctional setting, as many besides myself have experienced, has tremendous challenges that can affect one’s outlook, beliefs, and development throughout our lives. A woundedness in childhood can create havoc, if unattended, not only in our own lives, but also in those of loved ones close to us.

In this beloved country of ours, there is little that affects American life and health more than addiction. We find ourselves unaware of its consequences and of how important the issue of Recovery is. Everyone knows someone who suffers from alcoholism or substance abuse, but remains unable or unwilling to talk about it. Issues of shame, contempt, denial, abandonment, betrayal, unforgiveness, and powerlessness linger until we give voice to those feelings through the spoken word. Not only do we need to speak, but we also need to be heard. Oftentimes, art can help us find those words and begin that process of “engaging“.

Our world is multi-dimensional, and all the facets of our lives, the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical and mental must be explored and deemed worthy to discuss. Of the many programs available to help heal the wounds so many of us carry, one in particular called “The Journey”, by Open Hearts Ministry, will be touched on in our next blog interview.

God has given us dignity. The search we endeavor  for healing and redemption is well worth sharing, and I hope to provide a forum to express our journey also through the beauty of a painting and the importance of words.

Join us the weeks of February 13 and 20 for a special 2-part interview with Warren Traynor, Pastor of Family and Care Ministries at Christ Community Church, as he addresses The Journey** program and reflects on “Engaging” at The Artist’s Dialogue. On February 27th we will look at a Disney® short youtube featuring a song from the Broadway production of “Beauty and the Beast”.

**The Journey is a 9-week class developed by Open Hearts Ministries, Kalamazoo Michigan.

Pictured above: Giclee Gallery Wrap reproduction of “Engaging” available at www.BegleyArt.com

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