Illusion vs. Reality: “Quiet Moment”

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A realistically painted scene of a peaceful seascape, when dusk brings calm to the waters, and moonlight  glistens off the darkening waves and two people on a boat pause after a days activities to share thoughtful reflections. A scene, almost photo-realistic in its likeness of reality, OR is the scene anything like the reality we experience in our lives? Sometimes looking at a tranquil scene may remind us how much we need more peace in our day to day existence; it may send us back to the contrasting noise or disruption we may experience. Instead of friendly conversations with caring words, as envisioned in last week’s blog between the two seated on the boat, we may, in our own lives, find ourselves bombarded with words that pierce the soul and shatter the being. Instead of moments of quiet reflection, we are rocked by noise that we could only wish were deafening because then we would not have to listen to what was being said, mean words that fill the heart and mind with hurt, that confuse our thinking, and have the power to obliterate our dreams. Not a pretty alternate picture, but such are the experiences of many who suffer in dysfunctional family settings.

But let us grab hold of a fact: the real reality is that there is help and healing available to anyone in hurtful circumstances. There are helpful, supportive, and caring people out there, and resources to guide and protect us, and usher us to healthy and fulfilling lives. Like two people in a boat, we are never really alone or abandoned. There is a loving God who cares for our restoration and healing from brokenness and difficult circumstances. Like the glimmer of light sparkling from the water, there is hope, and peace and serenity can reign in our lives.

(Please look for next week’s interview regarding “Quiet Moment”)


  1. Patricia Pickering

    Breath-taking! Praise God there is restoration. So grateful that with hard work, we can sit in a quiet boat – contented.

    So thankful you are using your gifts and talents God knitted within you. How many people cannot get “quiet” to hear their calling? This is amazing and beautiful work. I am inspired by your insight into what God paints on the canvas.

    • Patricia,

      I really appreciate YOUR insights into the painting. It seems like half the battle is getting ‘quiet’, and then there’s the listening that comes next. And then it is hard to hear when we don’t feel a peace inside. So round we go, but prayer can often times cut through the noise. You have me reflecting on that scene seeing something NEW…the stillness of the scene makes me think more of when we stop for a moment in prayer. Food for thought. Thanks for your compliments and input!

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