Reflections by the artist on “Engaging”




Sunsets capture a few moments of beauty in our day, to pause and engage our focus on the magnificence of creation. As a little boy continues to play with sand, engaged in building his world, through sandcastles, turrets and tunnels, arranging seashells and pebbles, capturing and directing waves, the sun drifts towards twilight.

Here is an innocence in time – no rush, no worry, just present, enveloped and engaged with the beauty around us. The world at our fingertips, venturing to make anything, do anything, be anything. The horizon is limitless and shines with the promise of hopes and dreams.

Childhood is a time when the beauty in us is unhampered by conscience or ego; it is both honest and naïve, frank and unoffending, unworldly and trusting, guiltless and free. We each experience different childhoods, short ones, long ones, good ones, bad ones depending on our circumstances. But for everyone there was a time of innocence, an identity of being a child that is still there in our adulthood, waiting to be remembered. It is referred to as the inner child. The sun does not set on the inner child just because we have learned to ignore that child. Some things we must unlearn in order to play again. In Scripture we are encouraged to come to God as little children, able to receive the gift of faith. (Mark 10:14-15) Some things we must relearn as a child again, open to believing, able to receive love, and enjoy the journey.

On February 7, join our next blog “Going Deeper on ‘Engaging'”, and over the weeks of February 13 and 20, join us for a special 2-part Interview with Pastor Warren Traynor, Pastor of Family and Care Ministries at Christ Community Church as he addresses The Journey** program and reflects on “Engaging” at The Artist’s Dialogue. Beginning February 27th, our blog will feature a very special Disney® song from the Broadway production of “Beauty and the Beast”.

**The Journey is a 9-week class developed by Open Hearts Ministries, Kalamazoo Michigan.

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