Reflections on “Quiet Moment”

Quiet Moment Watermarked JPEG
“Quiet Moment” –  The quiet at dawn or dusk provides a peace that speaks deeply into our being: a moment to pause, take in the beauty or reflect on our su   and the goodness in out lives….it is a time of transition, from light to dark, or dark to light; a moment to pause when we can reflect on our own thoughts, or listen and become attuned to our surroundings and feel a belonging to our environment. We note the changing times, colors, and sounds. Our senses are awakened to the beauty of tranquility, and the vastness of nature.

In the quiet of this scene, we envision two seated on a boat in the middle of the water, away from the shore, in friendly conversation, sharing in a heart-to-heart moment of peaceful words that drench the soul with healing; a time of caring, of confession, of having another help carry one’s burdens by listening, understanding, validating. Pausing to speak honestly, bringing thoughts and feelings out into the open, where shame and guilt can no longer keep them hidden and in the dark, allowing light to shine and remove any darkness with peace in its place. The beginning of healing!

(Please look for next week’s continued blog on “Quiet Moment”)


  1. Jay Williams

    The painting is a masterpiece. I had not seen it before. The artwork is there, but it is the overall design that I like—the emphasis on the
    water and the sky. The forward motion of the vessel as indicated by its location to the left of the center gives a sense of action that is
    quiet and peaceful. The water is not cluttered with a scene of vessels. The only person in the picture is the viewer. It is a superlative

    • Rosemary

      Hi Jay,
      Thank you for your kind words. I feel affirmed by your comment about the forward motion indicated by the composition of the vessel being left of center, because the time I was painting that scene marked a transition forward for my painting and as an artist. Very insightful !


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