“Invitation” to The Magic Kingdom

  “Invitation” The entrance to The Magic Kingdom – an ‘invitation’ to experience the glory, the magic, the joy, the majesty and splendor, the imagination and creation. How can we enter The Magic Kingdom without wondering who is the king? And Walt Disney would surely be the first to point us above. We need to look … [Read more…]


“Liberty” I love the juxtapositions that punctuate this original painting. The Liberty Belle riverboat, flanked by our flag of freedom, is positioned in contrast to The Haunted Mansion on the left, and Rapunzel’s Tower on the right. The Haunted Mansion is thrills and chills of the ghostly that comically bring our thoughts to “the other … [Read more…]

“Encourage” – Dumbo Original painting

“Encourage” – Encourage is a wonderful action. When we encourage others, we are giving of ourselves with their best interests in mind. We are demonstrating the courage to inspire them in turn to do something with courage. We are stimulating development and helping to strengthen through enrichment. To encourage someone often comes from an ‘inspired’ … [Read more…]

“Hopeful” – Disney’s Tomorrowland

My collection of Disney pins may be small, but owning a Tomorrowland pin with the big “T” is my coolest. I’ve always loved science fiction and feel an instant connection to the 2015 movie “Tomorrowland” with the characters portrayed by George Clooney, Britt Robertson and other wonderful actors when I touch my “T” pin. The … [Read more…]


“Essence” – a glimpse conveys a feeling, a meaning, a significance What is a glimpse, but a quick look, a suggestion of the essence. A grouping of birds, a flock, a colony, each with the qualities of the family of seagulls, each with substance, entity, attributes indispensable to the whole because of the “whatness” of … [Read more…]

“Holding Course”

“It’s Real Life All The Time” – an interview with Jeremiah Enna, Founder of The Culture House Conservatory of the Arts, Olathe, KS, reflecting on the painting entitled “Holding Course” Rosemary: This painting entitled “Holding Course” inspired me to interview you because for twenty-one years you have been “holding course” beautifully here at The Culture … [Read more…]