Illusion vs. Reality: “Ashore”


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A long day of a boat adventure slows down to the tranquility of evening’s approach. The waves calm to a mirror shine with soft ripples reflecting the glow of last light. A boat tied to shore, waiting its return to harbor just in time for nightfall. Waiting…if waiting for anything could be as peaceful an experience as seen here. The patience required in waiting is usually beyond our natural capacity without displaying waves of annoyance at time’s elapse.

If circumstances, like many in our beloved country, find us in unhealthy dysfunctional settings, then waiting can be a hardship. Perhaps we are waiting for the recovery of an addicted loved one. Waiting can seem intolerable, and attempts to usher the journey along prove futile…the control of the disease always out of reach. We journey often through difficult times, sometimes with families devastated by addictions, and unable to speak about it. Yet admitting the brokenness around us and in us can actually propel us to open our hearts and find and receive healing.

Let us take hold of the reality of what is within our reach.  We are always connected to one greater than ourselves, who waits patiently and expectantly for our return, for us to acknowledge the reality of His goodness and presence in our lives, one with the power to help us find our way and take us where we need to go. We are not helpless or alone.

(Please look for next week’s interview regarding “Ashore”)


  1. Jeannie Mall

    Rosemary, I just loved your reflections!! Reality, honesty, healing, and hope!! Inspired by quiet and tranquility. Blessings to you and John.

    • Jeannie,
      Inspired by tranquility, true, and as you well know, these reflections also come from examining and wrestling with past wounds, doing the necessary homework, and grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, and alot of help along the way. The journey continues. Thank you for dialoguing and blessings in return!

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