Reflections on “Motion”

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“Motion” – a trinity of gentle motion and close unity moving together. Three geese, majestic in size, float together peacefully, almost as one, the focus and center of ripples surrounding their way. Drifting in slow motion, a gist of a turn, a pivot, inclination or subtle gesture, quiet as the sound of each ripple. One must listen carefully and deeply to hear or see the suggestion. But it is there…like the wind you cannot see but recognize the effects of its touch, or the many miracles that surround us if we slow down and take the time to look.

It is there. An advocate of three is our strongest support: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to counsel, mediate and defend, protecting us from the ripple effects of life’s cultural waves, the undulating pressures of countless persuasions, and the misguidance of deluded sources. In our difficulties we center our thoughts on someone greater than ourselves, on a congruence of faith, hope, and love, that brings harmony through the chaos, healing to the broken, and strength for the journey.

(Please look for next week’s continued blog on “Motion”)

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