Reflections on “The Sands of Amelia Island”

The Sands of Amelia island_Watermarked_resized

As we gaze on ‘beauty’, our souls are fed. Sands in their white hues reflect the prism of the setting sun. Violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red subtly display their glory against the warm white sand. From a sun that is unseen, we can experience an array of color that fills us emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We feel the warmth of the pink and peach infusing the sand, and the coolness of the blue-violet shade of the shifting shadows. We perceive the glow and the soft sway of golden tall grass echoing a breeze, and hear the nearby crash of crisp white waves coming ashore. The deep blue of the waters beckon our view of an endless horizon. Soft moving clouds usher our notice and imaginations, then return us gently to an awareness that in the magnificence of this wide open scene, we are surrounded by the air we breathe.

Here we are boundless, pure, unlimited and free!

(Please join us for next week’s dialogue as we reflect further and “Consider the ‘Colors of the Wind'”)

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