What Boat Are You In ??? – a Two-part Interview with Patricia Pickering

201 Quiet Moment GW202 Ashore GW

Two-part interview reflecting on two paintings: “Quiet Moment” and “Ashore” with Patricia Pickering

Patricia: “Did you specifically paint the boat scenes in a certain order? They’re so interesting to me, so life-like. I sense a strong connection and yet they are very different boats”.

Rosemary: “I painted ‘Quiet Moment’ first, but ‘Ashore’ came later; they were not painted back-to-back”.

Patricia: “I followed the interview with Stefanie Hinman on your ‘Quiet Moment’ painting. I immediately saw two people out on the water. These two individuals may truly be connecting, maybe even through silence? It’s also quite possible they are carrying on an in-depth conversation. Since we know they are on a small boat together in the middle of the water, there must be a trust factor between them.”

“How I would love to be on that boat…to get away from this over-stimulated and challenging world that wears me down. At first glance at the ‘Ashore’ painting, it actually made me sad! The peace-filled time away has ended, the boat has returned, and it is empty. It causes me to reflect on my healing studies. It was a safe place and a tender time. It was my first taste of community, (whether that be a structured weekly group like Smart Recovery For Family and Friends, a 12-step addiction recovery group, a bible study, or one-on-one time with a trusted friend or sponsor), there was a support system. Our souls long to be vulnerable. We ache for someone willing to listen, to validate, and encourage us without judgment. I feel much more comfortable with ‘Quiet Moment’.”

“In my perception, when the boat was anchored at shore as in ‘Ashore’, the two people may have parted ways. There comes a time we have to take our tool-box, life-skills, and the healing we received from confessing our sins to one another (James 5:16), and put on our big-girl pants. At some point we must be obedient in facing our fears rather than allowing them to control us. On my own, I must find the faith to live the life God intended for me. I cannot spend all my time sitting on the boat talking about it; I have to eventually experience it. For some, this may appear to be a lonely place – that is – taking the road less traveled…me and God!

Upon further observation, ‘Ashore’ actually challenged me, causing a bit of anxiety. This road less traveled is where I am in my life’s journey. I’ve taken many classes, worked through counseling, and completed the 12-steps. I am blessed to have a husband who’s an amazing leader and support system; a church that stimulates my mind; support groups that move my heart; along with Christian girlfriends who are fantastic prayer warriors. The bottom line…they can’t do this for me. It’s my job to figure out the “me” that God created me to be. I walk alone as I figure out what He’s created and called me to do. Similar to these beautiful, life-like paintings, it is quite an accomplishment…a blessing even, knowing that I’m now brave enough to actually live out the ‘Ashore’ life.

(Please join us next week for Part-two of this interview, entitled: “The Journey On Shore: Unsure, But Going Forward”)

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